Italian excellence for over 30 years

Over 500 systems installed worldwide

Our company became the worldwide leading supplier of high vacuum metallization systems for the automotive industry, exceeding all OEM’s specifications. In over 30 years of experience, we have gone further, becoming the benchmark for many other industries: lighting, cosmetics, decorative, ceramic, special applications (leather and textiles), furniture and glass. Whatever the sector, we provide our customers with the best coatings solution for their specific needs.

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advanced technologies

high quality

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Excellence is possible.
With the right Team
and the right Leader.

A company becomes a point of reference for the entire Industry if the individual people who work within seek excellence in everything they do. It’s with this goal that Mr. Arzuffi founded this company over 30 years ago, managing to create a highly specialized and qualified Team that works in synergy every day to produce quality.

A dedicated team of experts for every need


Our sales office stands out for its timely response to customer requests for price quotations and upgrades. It also takes care of the first after-sales management, raw materials and spare parts assistance.

In complete synergy with the other departments, it is here that all company suppliers are selected chosen to guarantee the highest quality materials and the best tools for final production.


Our R&D department engineers are continuously focused on new technologies and innovative projects to keep the quality standards of our systems always at the top of the industry.

Cryotrap in chamber for cycle time reduction, Medium Frequency (MF) applied to glow discharge and polymerization phases, NOS Treatment for chemical, thermic and dynamic stability of the substrate are the most important goals that we achieved along the years.


To guarantee the quality of the products, our company has always assembled the machinery internally. Operating within the same structure, the mechanical and technical team often confront each other on individual projects, in order to better customize single components.

In pre-assembly, all the main components are also tested individually to ensure their full operational capability.


Part of the “assembly team” takes care of the positioning and start-up phases of our machinery at the customers' locations, as well as providing necessary instructions.

The same team is also dedicated to the after-sales service which has always been a strong point of our company, distinguishing itself for the speed of intervention and innovative technologies.